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  1. General Bersa Discussion
    can anyone tell Me if there are after market nights for the Bersa Thunder plus and how difficult to install ?
  2. Wanted
    This older .22LR has a threaded barrel and a front sight that slides on/off over the barrel and is secured with a threaded nut. I have the nut that holds the sight in place but am missing the sight itself. Attached is a image of a similar model Bersa that has the same kind of sight, i believe...
  3. Bersa Accessories & Gear
    The front sight on my BT .380 fell out this morning. It had started to slide around a little over the last few weeks. I put on a jeweler's visor (to insure visual alignment) and glued it back in with loctite. That said, I'm interested in a better front sight. If anyone has any ideas I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results