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  1. Bersa Accessories & Gear
    It would seem that keeping magazines loaded for long periods would weaken the spring and possibly cause misfires. Is their a "rule of thumb" about downloading magazines periodically to avoid such issues?
  2. Bersa Accessories & Gear
    I just noticed that the elusive magazine for the model 85/86 can be found on gunbroker. The seller is offering 2, each for $125.00. These magazines are impossible to find, so if you own an 85 or 86, this might be your chance.
  3. Wanted
    I am seeking 2 - 15 round .380 magazines for my Bersa Thunder 380 Plus. New or used is fine. Please let me know if you have any you are willing to part with. Thanks, Soundwich
1-3 of 3 Results