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  1. Bersa Parts & Accessories For Sale
    New G3 Lieutenant model (small pistol, up to 3.5" barrel) Brown Leather Urban Carry Holster. Fits my Thunder .380 well. Also seems to be able to fit other Bersa models as well. The price includes the holster and the Mag Holster (fits one single-stack magazine. I've tried it with 7, 8, and 10...
    $100 USD
  2. Holsters and Cases
    Does anyone know who can make a kydex IWB holster for a Bersa Thunder Pro 40 HC? Thanks!
  3. Bersa Accessories & Gear
    I am now officially retired (until I get a job) but I did apply for Social Security. I recently bought a Clinger Holster model called Atom for my Walther Creed. The design of the holster is simple and it works very well. It is my first Kydex Holster! So I got curious about Kydex and found a...
  4. Holsters and Cases
    Looking for opinions and/or photos of an Uncle Mikes, size 1, IWB, Open Style, (No Retention Strap) Holster. Does it fit the Bersa Thunder? Any issues? Long term use, does it last? Is the material comfortable? Anything else would be greatly appreciated. Any lefties out there? How does this...
  5. Holsters and Cases
    I am new to the Bersa community. I just purchased a Thunder .380cc for myself and am in search for a holster. I use and love AlienGear Holsters for my EDC holsters. On their site they only offer a hybrid holster (plastic "shell") for the Thunder 380 -- will the mold also fit the CC model...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello All - I've been a Bersa owner for awhile now, and use my Thunder .380 for everyday carry. Also had a Thunder Ultra Compact in 9mm, but traded it away (wish I hadn't). I have two IWB holsters for my .380, one being a custom lefty from American Holster Company (see pic) and the other a...
  7. Bersa Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Bought this last year, worn 6 times. Then found a custom maker who made me a Dual Carry SOB holster. Asking $50.00 includes shipping and Paypal fees. PM if interested. SuperTuck is our most popular rig and is adjustable for ride depth AND cant, it's our most stable and comfortable rig and...
1-7 of 7 Results