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  1. Wanted
    This older .22LR has a threaded barrel and a front sight that slides on/off over the barrel and is secured with a threaded nut. I have the nut that holds the sight in place but am missing the sight itself. Attached is a image of a similar model Bersa that has the same kind of sight, i believe...
  2. Bersa Accessories & Gear
    The front sight on my BT .380 fell out this morning. It had started to slide around a little over the last few weeks. I put on a jeweler's visor (to insure visual alignment) and glued it back in with loctite. That said, I'm interested in a better front sight. If anyone has any ideas I'm...
  3. Wanted
    Recently picked up a Bersa Model 224, its in great shape but is missing the front sight. Wondering if any one can assist me in my search for this front sight. The model 225 and 226 also have similar front sights, im also curious if either of those sights would fit my 224. Thanks in advance!
1-3 of 3 Results