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  1. New Member Introductions
    A good friend of mine who is some sort of guru of gun knowledge-like, ALL guns) he recommended a thunder .380 for me since I’m a woman and it has less recoil while fitting perfectly in my hands. Concealability is also superb. My state isconstitutional carry” as of 7/1. I picked this olio from...
  2. Ammo & Reloading
    As everyone know about this breaking news in Ammo industry. We are already facing ammo shortage and now Russian ammo will not be available. What you guys thinking?
  3. General Bersa Discussion
    Hi all, I just picked up a .45 uc pro and I am wondering if I can use +p ammo? Specifically Hornady 220 grain Critical Duty. Not as a steady diet, mind you, but possibly as carry ammo. Thanks in advance!
  4. New Member Introductions
    I have a Bersa Thunder22. Am retired Air Force Officer and Civil Engineer living in the Fort Worth area. I find the Thunder22 to be very "picky" on ammo. CCI Mini Mag seems to work reasonably well, but CCI Stinger is the only one I can count on for sure. Stinger ammo is really hard to come...
  5. General Bersa Discussion
    Just wanted to put in a quick post. I took my factory spring out (Part #51 that goes over the barrel) and replaced it with a spring similar I found at a hardware store, but it was a little too short. So, I stretched the "new" spring a bit and tried it out. 10 rounds of cheap Federal bulk pack...
  6. In Stock
    I have often wondered "why" that the .380 ammo, any brand in comparison, is more expensive than the same brand name in 9mm? The 9mm is same bullet but usually more lead (weight) the 9mm has a little longer case, more powder and the only common denominator for mfg. costs would be the primer. I...
  7. Vendor Deals
    Critical Survival is an unique store located in Houston, Texas. Critical Survival has your survival needs covered, from Firearms, ammo, tactical gear to survival, preparedness equipment and foods. We feature a huge Online Gun Store with over 300 million inventory. For our local Houston metro...
1-7 of 7 Results