Vega Leather for Your Bersa

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    For those who love you Bersa handguns, there is no better treat than a nice leather holster. To pull this off you can have one custom made or buy one from the established holster makers. In the premade holster category, Vega of Italy makes some of the best deals on the market for the Bersa line.

    Who is Vega?


    Long known for top quality leather crafted in old world style, Vega is located in Calcinaia, Italy. Not only do they make beautiful leather holsters for Bersa, but also have lines of professional polymer holsters, paddle holsters, carry bags, and others for several different manufacturers. They are sold in the US by Eagle Importers as well as numerous online wholesalers such as Cheaper Than Dirt and others.

    (Vega Holsters are so stylish that they have appeared in a number of Bond movies, lending a little swagger to the likes of 007)

    Popular Models

    Dozens of Vega products are out there to fit Bersa models of all flavors. They make both standard right hand as well as left hand versions and holsters in multiple colors.


    The 3-Position leather holster allows use in three positions: on the back, vertical position on the hip and cross draw and runs about $55. For about the same price the ever-popular Vega Pancake is hand molded in full grain tan or black leather with two possible inclinations and a quick release snap reinforced with steel. The Vega Paddle is configurable to adjust the inclination angle, the height of the holster in respect to the belt and the belt retention height for about $65.

    A simple suede Level I holster for inside the pant (IWB) carry of the Bersa Thunder 9/40/45 Ultra Compact Pro and Firestorm Mini 9/40/45 Pro goes for around $20 from the same maker.

    Care and feeding

    These holsters come extremely tight from the maker when new. So tight, in fact, that it is not usually possible to immediately carry your Bersa inside one without breaking it in. Breaking in Vega holsters can best be done with the freezer bag/wax paper method. Simply put, wrap your clean and unloaded Bersa in wax paper or inside a freezer bag, holster it completely, and leave it overnight. The next day work it in and out 40-50 times with the wrapping still on (you may need to re-wrap a few times) to wear the tightly stitched leather in. This should give you a good tight purchase on the holster while still making it loose enough to draw when needed.


    All Vega holster leather products will need minimal care and maintenance: clean with a soft cloth and mild soap (don't submerge in water or other liquid), allow to air dry naturally. You can use a neutral leather cream but stay away from heavy solvents and chemical products as well as artificial heat to speed up the drying process after cleaning the holster. With proper care, it's not unusual for one of these holsters to still be beautiful after years of daily use.

    If you looking for leather to clad that elegant Bersa of yours without thinning your wallet too much, take a look at Vega.

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