The Bersa Thunder Combat

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    Want a Walther PPK without the Walther PPK price? Looking for a compact .380 Auto pistol that isn't polymer framed for less than a Ruger LCP? Does a rugged and durable look appeal to your lifestyle? Well the Bersa Thunder Combat version may be just for you.

    The Bersa Thunder

    Introduced in the 1990s, the Thunder series of pistol has been Bersa's bestseller according to importer Eagle Arms. Along the same sleek lines of the famous Walther PP/PPK subcompact handguns of James Bond fame, the Thunder uses a well-developed double action/single action safety decock lever to actuate the slide trigger group. Not striker fired such as the Kahr and Kel Tec style pistols, it has a combat hammer with spur cutouts and a rounded edge that will not snag clothing on a draw.


    It's lightweight at just 20-ounces but feels very solid due to its use of steel slide and alloy frame. These guns have a slim slide release that helps holster and carry without digging into your side in a CCW situation. The 3.5-inch barrel has a micro-polished bore with sharp; deep rifling that contributes to accuracy. Besides the firing pin drop safety and the manual safety lever, a third safety, the Integral Locking System, can secure the entire pistol for storage. Just insert the small key in the port over the trigger guard, rotate, and the pistol is locked. Do the reverse to carry or shoot.

    Accurate and reliable, they carry a factory lifetime warranty (also something that the competitors don't have).

    Combat tweaks

    Taking the successful Thunder pistol as a starting point, Bersa updated the design to a more...field worthy frame of mind. Dubbed the Combat, the new pistol version includes a redesigned slide that gives a better not to mention lower, profile, and larger slide cutouts for a better grip when working the pistol. Speaking of grips there is a gentler rounding of the trigger guard, a slim beaver tail that helps with holstering, drawing, and olive rubber wrap arounds that replace the old style plastic grips. A combat sight system also is in place that is superior to the old style 3-dot. The entire pistol is finished in a low-luster matte drab that blends and feels smooth to the touch.

    The Combat comes from the factory with a pair of 7-shot magazines, a steel cleaning rod, integral locking keys, snap cap, and storage box.

    • Model: THUN380C ("C" for combat)
    • Caliber: .380 ACP
    • Action: Double action/single action
    • Capacity: 7+1
    • Barrel Length: 3.5"
    • Front Sight: Dovetailed
    • Rear Sight: Notched-Bar Dovetailed, adjustable
    • Finishes: Matte Black
    • Grips: Olive Rubber wrap-around
    • Construction: Alloy Frame/Steel Slide
    • Safety: Integral Locking System, Manual, Firing Pin
    • Weight: 20 oz.
    • Length: 6.5"
    • Height: 4.7"
    • Width: 1.3"
    • MSRP: $399 but they can often be had for 10-20% less if you shop around.

    While hopefully you will never find yourself in a gunfight, the Combat can surely help talk your way out of one.

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