The Bersa 45 UC

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    Bersa is probably best known for its small and sleek 380ACP pocket pistols. A forgotten Bersa is the Ultra-Compact and hard-hitting 45 pistol.



    The Ultra-Compact is a double-action/single-action semi-auto handgun that uses a locked breech, short recoil operation. It has an exposed combat hammer that is rounded on the spur to avoid snagging on clothes or digging into your side while carrying in a concealed holster. It fires the powerful .45ACP round from a short double-stack 7-round magazine. One-piece wrap-around combat grips provide purchase on the alloy frame and, once loaded balances well. An improved Browning Petter barrel couples with the action to provide both accuracy and reliability. For those lighting and laser users, an under barrel accessory rail is standard.

    Something borrowed


    One thing Bersa has always done well is borrow other firearms innovations and use them-- with a slight Argentine twist-- in their firearms. It happens across the board in the gun world but Bersa seems to do it very well. The Ultra-Compact is a prime example of this. It used a double-action single action decocker lever/safety that leaves a free-pulling trigger when locked that greatly resembles the 1980s S&W Model 4506. When broken down the slide, rod, spring, and barrel arrangement is a dead ringer for the SIG P220-series. Externally it looks much like the Walther P88 and has ambidextrous controls like the Ruger P-series. All of these features were great on these other pistols and are even better (at a fraction of the price) on the Bersa.

    Model: TPUC45
    Caliber(s): .45 ACP
    Action: DA/SA
    Capacity: 7+1
    Barrel Length: 3.6"
    Front Sight: Interchangeable Sig Sauer type Rear Sight: Interchangeable Sig Sauer type Finishes: Duotone or Matte Black Grips: Checkered Black Polymer Construction: Alloy Frame/Steel Slide Safety: Integral Locking System, Manual, Firing Pin Weight: 27 oz.
    Length: 6.8"
    Height: 5.1"
    Width: 1.45
    Price: online pricing $375-$425, shop around.

    (Duracoated custom UC)

    The Bersa UC 45 is a good deal lighter and shorter than the legacy Colt 1911, which is the benchmark for .45ACP that all others are measured. It has the same magazine capacity and easily digests in tests almost every round shot through it. It is very accurate and its design, with elements borrowed from almost every successful semi-auto handgun of the 20th century, is loaded with features. Compared to major .45s of the world right now, it is much less expensive than all but Philippine import (RIA, etc.) 1911s, or the SIG220 and Glock 21 series. About the closest competition the gun has price wise is with the Taurus PT 145 Millennium Pro, which is polymer rather than all metal but runs about $350 new.

    Overall, another fine Bersa, this time in .45.

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