The ASG Series BP9CC Pistols

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    Team ASG (Action Sports Games), a well-known Dutch air gun manufacturer, is currently making both a 6mm Airsoft and a 4.5mm BB version of the popular Bersa Pistol Compact Carry (BP9CC). We here at Bersa Forum decided to delve into these officially licensed versions of the new pistol to see just how they stack up and why you should be interested in them.


    The steel BB version

    ASG is making the BP9CC air gun pistol under license direct from Bersa. Firing .177-caliber (4.5mm) BBs at 350 fps, this air gun is a dead ringer for the 'real thing'. Its barrel length of 2.91-inches and its overall length of 6.61-inches and a weight of 21.6-ounces when loaded compare favorably to the 9mm center fire pistol that it is based on. For comparison reference the overall dimensions of the actual 9x19mm BP9CC handgun are 6.35-inches long, 4.8-inches tall ,0.94-inches wide and weighs 21.1 ounces, unloaded. You can definitely tell it is a licensed copy as it has all the same markings down to the 9x19mm etching on the (faux) ejection port. It even has a unique serial number in case it ever is lost or stolen.

    (Yes this is an airgun)

    The air gun has a 20-shot removable stick magazine, and 12-gram CO2 power plant fed by the familiar roll-of-mints sized cartridges provide easy shooting. Its blowback and semi-auto with a moderate report. Like the original, it features a functional and integrated Picatinny rail allows for mounting of lasers or tactical lights. The pistol can be used for back yard or in-home plinking with a proper backstop and its 3-dot sight is very similar to the actual BP9CC. This allows the capability of using this air gun to safely build muscle memory skills through hundreds of repetitions inside the confines of your garage or living room. Better yet, since the dimensions are so extremely close, it can be used with your standard holster that you already carry your BP9CC with.

    Shop around for yours; they are listed with Pyramidair and others for right at $99.

    The CO2 Air Soft Version

    (If not for the white '6mm BB' marking.....)

    Just this October, ASG announced the first of their 6mm Air Soft versions of the BP9CC would hit the market. Like the 4.5mm version that preceded it by a few months, the dimensions compared to the real thing (6.64-inches overall and 20.8-ounces) are within a razor's difference of being identical. This version however is a little safer for use in confined environments and mock combat/drills due to its mild 6mm plastic Air Soft rounds that it fires at 400-fps. It holds 15-rounds in its internal magazine and is recharged by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. It is gas blow-back which mimics the action rather well of the real thing and is therefore very useful as a training aid. Literally thousands of air soft rounds can be fired for less than the price of a box of regular rounds in your 9mm BP9CC, helping to work on that all-important grip and sight alignment.

    Either of these could be just the companion piece to your favorite polymer Bersa 9mm.

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