Is a Bersa the Ideal Car Gun

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    Odds are if you travel somewhere in this country, it's more than likely in your car. While you may not always have a gun on your person for self-defense, having one in your car gives you some flexibility. And the Bersa is very flexible in this regard.

    Why a Car Gun

    While CCW or Open Carry many not be legal or advisable in all areas, in most states it's legal to have a firearm in your car* as long as there are no prohibitions from you personally having it. Many states consider your car to be an extension of your home, making anything carried in it likewise. Having your firearm staged in your automobile can ensure that should you run into an unexpected jam and need it, it's there for you.

    After all, it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.


    The Bersa Advantage

    In this scenario of storing a handgun in your car for use, the Bersa series of pistols has several advantages. The number one of these is price. Bersas can usually be had for around $200 in new or close to new condition, which means you can afford to have two of the same model, which gives you one for the car and one for home. For a two adult household, rather than each adult carrying their own pistol, you can stage one in the car and the other in your home. This also means that if in the worst-case scenario your Bersa is stolen from your car, it is not the end of the world.


    Most legacy Bersa models, such as the Thunder, are evolved designs that benefit from decades of firearms lessons learned by firearms engineers. Made from durable materials, they can be stored safely for weeks and months with little maintenance. Newer Bersas, such as the polymer framed BP series, are even more so.

    Points to Ponder on Car Guns

    *First of all, check with your state, county, and local law enforcement to verify that there is no regulation that otherwise forbids carrying a loaded handgun in your vehicle. The last thing you want to do is be pulled over and wind up with a felony charge of some sort. Some states are very specific in that they require the gun to be 'in plain sight' while some detail that it be contained in the glove box, or trunk. In some states, it can be loaded, in some not. The only way to find out is to verify before your car carry, so be sure this is your first task.


    Keep it Secure

    After you make sure that you are carrying in the legal manner, be sure that the gun is as secure as possible. The ideal method would be to bolt a small pistol safe to the frame but still inside the car that is close enough to be rapidly accessible if needed. Others take inexpensive Level II-III holsters and bolt, glue, or Velcro them on the blind side of seats, under consoles, or in other out of the way hiding spots. Small frame Bersa Compacts can be especially helpful in this regard.

    If you have small children that travel with you or in your car, having loaded handgun readily accessible needs to be as safe as possible. There are products like the Safety Bullet that can be had in 9mm/40/45 (but not in .380) that can help make these guns safe if found. When loaning your car out or leaving it in the shop, you also may want to retrieve your car gun to ensure that it remains yours.

    Finally, even if you have a car alarm system, be sure to have a record of your Bersa's serial number, model, caliber, and so forth should you suffer a vehicular burglary and have to report it stolen.

    While the concept of a car gun is not for everyone, for Bersa owners it can be a solid option.

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