Has Bersa Gone Out Of Business

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    Bersa firearms, which over the span of the past several decades, have in the past few years become rather scarce on the marketplace. In recent months, it has gotten so bad that some even speculate that the company has quietly started to fade away.

    Here at Bersa Forum, we went looking for, as Paul Harvey used to say, "The rest of the story" and here's what we found.

    The Problem

    Once an unknown pistol maker on the US market, the Argentine firm of Bersa has been a solid international performer since it was founded in the 1950s. Located in the city of Ramos Mejia in Argentina, they are one of the largest producers of handguns for military, police, and civilian use in Latin America. Since there is no US-based factory for these firearms, all Bersa's that enter this country are made in Argentina and imported by Eagle Arms.

    Based in New Jersey, Eagle also imports Metro Arms and Comanche Arms (neither of which are made by Bersa) and have done so for some 25-years. In that time the demand for these guns has increased as well informed gun owners in the computer age are out in force, looking for Bersas, as they have never done before due to their solid reputation for reliability and economy. This has produced local shortages which has turned into fears such as this one posted this week,

    "Hi guys and gals, has Bersa gone out of business? There is no inventory except on auction sites, at incredible discounts, and no magazines or spare parts available from Eagle Imports. Eagle still answers the phone, but won't say anything about product availability..."


    In all too many cases, when looking for new Bersa handguns, prospective buyers are finding the firearms unavailable....

    Eagle Still Importing

    Bersa SA is still very much in business in Argentina, and recently just won another contract for LE pistols to a large Central American department. Eagle recently posted this on their facebook page about Bersa availability.

    "We do not sell directly to the public, nor to dealers. We only sell on the wholesale level. From there, the wholesalers sell to dealers all over the country who then sell to the public. Since we only sell to wholesalers, it is impossible for us to know which local dealers near may have our products in stock. The best way to locate a dealer or firearm by using the retailer search on galleryofguns.com or other internet resources such as Impact Arms or Bud's Gun Shop. If you are still have difficulty, you may try contacting any of the wholesalers in regards to which dealer they sell Bersa to in your area. (If you already know a dealer, you may them contact any of the
    wholesalers as well

    Distributor Phone #

    • AcuSport 800-543-3150
    • Banger's 800-226-4373
    • W.L. Baumler 440-288-1271
    • Big Rock Sports (MT Sports/CSI) 406-252-1610
    • Bill Hicks and Co. 800-223-0702
    • Camfour 800-347-3276
    • Chattanooga Shooting Sports 423-894-3007
    • Davidson's 800-367-4867
    • Ellett Brothers 800-345-3711
    • Independent Sports Supply 319-261-4867
    • Jerry's Sport Center 570-883-6859
    • Lipsey's 800-666-1333
    • L.M. Burney 254-751-9333
    • Riley's 260-897-2351
    • RSR Group 800-541-4867
    • Sports South 800-388-3845
    • Williams Shooter's Supply 800-637-9307
    • Zanders Sporting Goods 618-443-2400

    Furthermore, Eagle posted than, "We ship to distributors as soon as we get them from Bersa, we do not sell to retailers, the retailers need to contact the distributors for orders. We get shipments 1-2 times a month."

    Recent images posted by the company of their booth at the NRA Annual Meeting this month in Houston show cases of Bersa handguns on display.

    Therefore, with that in mind, just keep an eye out kids, hopefully supply will catch up with demand.

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