Eagle Imports Custom Bersa Grips Sale

  1. christophereger
    Looking for a pair of custom, one-of-a-kind set of grips for your Bersa Thunder 380, Thunder 380 Combat, Thunder 22, Thunder 32, Model 82, or Model 95? Well, Eagle is having a special online sale for an amazing collection of these limited edition grips to make your gun collectable and unique.


    Judging from their stock photos, their lot is limited to just 103 available grips. These range from light cotton candy pink (number 22) to bright neon blue zebra stripes over haze gray (number 39) to a sedate two-tone khaki (number 96). These grips will never be available again according to Eagle's release, so act soon, or miss your chance forever. Since these are Bersa-marked, they make your piece an instant collector's item.


    The special deal price on the sale is $30 per pair plus $5 shipping. The date for this madness is Monday November 26th, 2012 but you have to connect with Eagle/Bersa through their facebook account for the special pricing.

    Click here to view sale items:

    Package Deals:

    Eagle/Bersa is offering another bag of sugar to further sweeten the pot with a number of package deals on multiple grip purchases during this sale. (Hello, any dealers out there?)

    These deals include:

    • Buy 2 pairs of grips (or more) get free shipping
    • Buy 3 pair of grips get a free Bersa mousepad & free shipping
    • Buy 5 pairs of grips get a free pair of grips, free Bersa Mousepad & free shipping
    • Buy 10 pairs of grips get a free pair of grips, a free Bersa hat, free Bersa Mouse pad, & free shipping
    • - [For free grips you will get your choice of whatever we have left available at that time]

    They list the following points of consideration

    • "Grips will fit the Thunder 380, Thunder 380 Combat, Thunder 22, Thunder 32 and Model 83 or 95, (not others)
    • Each Pair is numbered Please provide that number(s) when ordering
    • They will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Do not wait! These grips will never be available again once they are sold out.
    • Colors vary in the pictures, please be specific when ordering and provide the number.
    • Because they are limited edition Eagle/Bersa cannot accept returns or exchanges. All orders shipped via US Mail-you must provide a valid address, not responsible for lost packages.
    • If you are interested in purchasing grips before our sale begins, you may do so for full price, which is $40, plus $5 shipping/handling. (No package deals apply until sale begins)"

    Go ahead and try to have a pair of these made and see what a deal this pricing really is.
    See you Monday the 26th, hope I get to my favorite (the dark blue and grey number 42) before any of you guys do.

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