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    The Combat version of this classic .380 Thunder make look the same on the outside, but there are some minor differences, such as a refurbished slide and smaller beaver tail for easy withdraw. You\'ll also get a more rounded trigger guard, larger slide serrations, and combat sights for that rugged, combat look.


    You\'ll also get that signature Bersa grip, only with rubber olive finger grooves, with an extended magazine for more extensive grappling. The grip is not as fully wrapped around as other Bersa models, but it still suffices when it comes to a hardy grip. The grooves are smooth and will satisfy big and small hands, and there are other grips you can buy as well. As the name suggests, it is an excellent combat weapon for casual conceal-carry, or extensive combat situations for law enforcement or military personnel.


    The overall barrel length is 3.5 inches, with a micro-polised bore, and sharp rifling capabilities. The total length of the piece is 6.5 inches and a height of 4.7 inches. The width of the gun is 1.3 inches. The frame of the gun is an alloy frame and steel slide (which explains the heaviness). It has a slim slide release, an integral mounting system, and a manual firing decock pin for safety. You\'ll get a drop-pin safety and an additional safety feature where the gun will not fire if the magazine is not in place with a live round in the chamber.

    There is a combat sight system, with a dovetail rear and front adjustable sighting. The total weight is 20 ounces. The Bersa Combat comes with an 8-capacity clip (with an additional round in the chamber).

    This is a piece that is ideal for conceal carry, but some may consider it heavier. This is not a gun that feels like a toy. However, the heaviness of the gun will help with recoil. Check out a video demonstrating the light-as-feather recoil.
    The trigger is also heavy for some (around seven pounds), but it is much easier in single action.


    This is a great gun for first-buy gun owners and seasoned gun owners. And the price tag is not bad, being anywhere from $200 to $300, depending on where you find it. On the plus side, you\'ll get that extra 8 + 1 mag, versus 6 + 1 mag on conceal-carry guns, and you\'ll get an extra magazine clip with purchase. Bottom line, this is another great option for Bersa lovers, and it builds off of what fans love so much about Bersa firearms.

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