3Speed Holster One Year Review from forum member.

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    Here at Bersa Forums we like to hear from our members whenever they come across something that works for our lifestyle. Forum member Ken Edwards (aka Kennydale), new to CCW in the past few years, sent in this review of his personal experience with his 3Speed Holster system over the course of a year. While he uses it for his Ruger, 3 Speed also makes these for just about every type of Bersa we can think of.

    Without further ado, take it away, Ken:

    I am relatively new to Conceal Carry. I first picked up a handgun November 2012. I received my Texas Conceal Handgun License late February 2013. Since that time, I have been using the 3Speed Holster for my Ruger SR40C. I decided that I needed a small but adaptable firearm for personal protection. I am retired and spend my time in very casual attire. When the weather turns somewhat cold, I wear jeans & tees. When it is HOT (Gulf Coast Texas), I am in drawstring shorts and tees. I wanted a self-contained carry system, which I could use for my casual lifestyle.

    The 3Speed Holster looks large and bulky in the photos.... It is not. It probably only adds a 1/4 of an inch to the pistols thickness. The back plate is a soft synthetic material (Looks like leather). It is soft and though it doesn't irritate the skin, I prefer to wear a tank top tee under it. The front part is the same material. There is a pocket for your firearm, a spare magazine pocket and a very small pocket where you can hide a key or a folded $20.00 bill.

    Ruger SR40C in a 3Speed Holster

    The 3Speed Holster is made for your specific firearm. It is not a one size fits all that you find in some Belly Band models or other Deep Conceal models. It can also be requested to fit a tactical light that is attached to your firearm. The firearm fits very snug in the holster. There is no chance of it falling out if you are wearing during physical activities (I do know a few people who play Basketball while wearing it)

    The 3 Speed Holster in jeans

    Inside the holster between the back plate and your firearm is a stiff (probably) plastic sheet. After about a week to two weeks of drawing (Practice drawing daily with Firearm unloaded). From this practice drawing, your thumb forms a draw cone and this channel remains so you always have good purchase on your firearm. Practicing good draw and safe handling of your firearm will assure that will not have an accidental discharge. When holstered the trigger is positively protected. The trigger cannot be depressed from outside the holster. The system attaches to your body using Velcro that is sewn onto its own belt system. The belts are well sewn onto the holster, and of adequate length to accommodate any body size or shape.

    (Video from 3SH)

    Though primarily made for DEEP CONCEAL (see Company Videos) it can be worn in almost any position.

    The draw from AIWB

    I prefer the Appendix carry (12:00-1:30). I have mine sit just above my belt line. This gives me a very good draw (Being 5'6" at 250 pounds, it's hard for me to draw from inside my pants). I find this position, even gives me a good draw while seated in vehicle and wearing a seat-belt.


    How it conceals


    When wearing this in public, even in light summer clothes, there is a slight bulge but it's not very noticeable. If needed, I can shift the holster into a deep conceal, I could basically walk around shirtless and no one would know I was carrying a firearm. The Velcro straps on my holster, I adjust so they are slightly snug. There is no poking of the firearm into any part of the body. After a short while, you don't even notice that slight snug feeling the Velcro straps give you.

    Bio: At age 62 went with an experienced friend to an indoor range. First time i had ever shot handguns. tried out hi .38 revolver. His LC9 & his SR40C (Fell in love with the SR40C) Purchased one just before Christmas of 2012. Took a basic handgun class and then the TX CHL class. Have had my license for just over a year and have about 24 hours of range time so far.

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