Accessorize your Bersa Thunder .380

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If you are an owner of a Bersa Thunder 380, you know that it is a well-made, compact, personal defense handgun that packs a lot of features in a relatively inexpensive semi-automatic. It is highly accurate, solidly built and has a very clean trigger pull in both Double and Single Action.

As a Bersa owner, I have found two great accessories to make this solid performing handgun even better. They are the Bersa rubber wrap around grip and the Bersa 9 round DLX magazine. Both are available from Bersa or Bersa accessory resellers.

The Bersa Thunder 380 comes standard with plastic grips. While the grips are textured, they can be a bit slippery if your hands are sweaty. Also, they make grasping of the handgun feel small in your hands; as if the gun was too small. I found this to be the case for me even though I have medium sized hands. A person with large hands might feel like their hands were swallowing the gun.

Additionally, by not having the correct grip, I found that horizontal motion (caused by the smaller stature of the gun) was throwing some of my shots off to the left or right if I did not have a very strong hold. By adding the Bersa wraparound grips, not only did my palms feel better but the addition of the contoured finger grooves in front felt more natural. I was immediately shooting much straighter with no wandering due to insufficient grip of the Bersa.

Accessorize your Bersa Thunder .380 - Editor - bersa-thunder-96.jpg

The grip is easily installed by removing the screws from each of the single standard handgun grips, wrapping the new one-piece grip around the magazine well and re-insert the grips screws. The installed grip is shown above.

The second accessory that many people will like is the extended round Bersa DLX magazine. This holds 9 rounds versus the stock 7 that comes with the Bersa Thunder 380. One of the drawbacks owners have commented on was the low capacity of the Bersa 380. It seems to be fairly common among gun manufactures to make these .380 caliber handguns hold only 6 to 7 rounds of ammo so this issue is not singularly related to Bersa.

Accessorize your Bersa Thunder .380 - Editor - bersa-mags-97.jpg

By adding the DLX magazine, your Bersa Thunder 380 is now a 9+1 capacity handgun. You will notice in the picture above, the magazine is not much longer than the stock 7 round (on the right) and is canted at an optimal angle. It also features an extended Bersa pinky grip so the magazine does not appear too long for the handgun (as occurs with other handguns that accept larger capacity magazines not specifically designed for the handgun).

Accessorize your Bersa Thunder .380 - Editor - bersa-with-dlx-mag-95.jpg

The addition of the rubber grip and the extended magazine makes a great improvement to your Bersa Thunder 380. They provide a combination of better stability, better feel and enhanced capacity to an already well made firearm.

The final look and feel of these cost effective accessory upgrades are well worth the price.

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March 9, 2015  •  03:09 PM
Will the Bersa DLX [9 round] magazine fit the Firestorm 380?
January 19, 2016  •  08:18 AM
I know this is not an exact answer to your question, but I only have experience with the Thunder Plus vs the equivalent Firestorm. I bought a firestorm mag at a gun show and the dealer insisted it would fit my Thunder. He was wrong. Everything about the magazine is identical in shape and size but the cutout for the catch is in a different place. With some precision cutting will probably be able to adapt it. But with the standard Thunder vs Firestorm all the pics I've seen "look" like the cutout is in the same spot. I would need to do a physical comparison or measure to be sure since I have pone examined photos online. Good luck.
September 25, 2016  •  08:17 AM
will the extended Magazine work for the CC model as well?
really the CC model, Very well made , cant beat the price,
October 30, 2016  •  07:58 PM
Several months ago I bought the Gander Mountain "special edition" of the Thunder 380 which translated into a 2 tone body and wrap around rubber grips. The Cabela's model was slightly different and was the 3rd model for another outfit. Right away there was a problem with the decocker. It was so stiff that I had to use my other hand to operate it. An application of Molykote type Z with a cotton swab to all sliding and rotating parts made the pistol super smooth, even the decocker. My Mini Thunder 45 received the same treatment as soon as I bought it some years ago and I've never had a problem. Another smoooth operator. I have made several safety keys for the .45 by using allen head socket screws and an allen wrench as a gauge to match the 2 sockets. I chucked the correct allen head screw into a drill and ground down the outside diameter to fit into the pistols safety key opening. Simple and easy.
December 16, 2016  •  06:54 AM
Molykote type Z, please tell us more about how this product works on firearms and if it is safe to use. Thanks,